todd ehren

Starting your own business is not easy by any means, not at all. So, for the first-time business owner, here are some tips for making it through that first venture:

  • Do What You Know. Know What You Do: Starting a business based on your talents and passions is much more likely to be successful as opposed to starting a business based on what is trending and popular. Idealy, there would be a mesh of these two factors, however, growing a business based on what you love and cultivating that love through making it a business is much more likely to succeed than growing a business around anything else.
  • Clean And Concise: You never know when or where a business opportunity may arise. Therefore, be prepared to pitch your business to a potential investor or even a prospective customer seeking information.
  • Embrace Startup Culture: When starting a business, money is your life-blood. Do not waste it on extravagant expenses. Do not abuse your expense accounts. Being frugal is essential. Keep track of every dollar and every expense. Save wherever possible.
  • Know Your Weaknesses: By knowing what it is that you don’t know, you can invest some effort in surrounding yourself with entities that can help you and add to your arsenal of tools and resources you otherwise would not have.
  • Stay Focused: It’s exciting to start a business for the first time. That excitement can spill over and turn into jumping at every possible opportunity that comes your way during a very tumultuous time. Try to avoid this; spreading yourself too thin can result in the failure of some of your original pursuits.
  • Grow As You Go: There is no way to predict how things will go for a first-time business owner; no manual has been created and there are no foolproof plans. Use the tools you have garnered and put in place for yourself to help you be successful. Sometimes, taking a chance based on a gut-feeling or making a mistake and learning from it are the most important moves a new entrepreneur can make.