dream todd ehren

Without question, at some point in time, each and every one of us has questioned where we are headed. We have dreamt of the future and wondered what is in store.

Some of those times we were optimistic and hopefully, confident in our abilities and talents. More times however, we have been down on ourselves, not so sure that our future looks golden, afraid to push forward.

I want to emphasize the importance of never losing that optimism about the future. Once that drive for more, for bigger and better is gone, we have lost a battle  in ourselves that can be challenging to recover from.

Once you put limits on yourself, its even harder to reach your full potential. Just because you haven’t reached a goal, does not mean you shouldn’t still thrive for it, because once you set the bar low for yourself, you are guaranteed never to reach your dream. There are few people in history who have set out goals that they knew they could conservatively reach beyond a doubt, and went on to achieve fame and success and recognition.

By setting a goal for yourself that is your passion, that pushes you to do your best, you are making an investment in yourself. Without a goal of this caliber, the drive to achieve is squandered and becoming successful is actually harder, maybe even painful.

Do not let your current situation determine your future because you do not know what will happen years from now, even months, weeks, days, and hours from now. How can you plan your entire future based on the unknown? So, if you find yourself in a less-than-ideal situation or at a position you aren’t thrilled about, do not be dismayed. Keep your dreams in mind, not letting them could your sight or hinder you from being realistic, but nurture your dreams – revisit them from time to time – and never, ever let the realities of life push your dreams from where they are meant to be – with you.