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When starting a small business, especially for the first time, one always wishes there was a checklist for things to make sure you cover the first time around, avoiding any hiccups along the way.

Here I have compiled what I deem to be the best practices for a small business owner:

Set The Stakes

Let your team know what your expectations are from the get-go, do not assume they know what you require from them, and make them accountable for their responsibilities. By doing this, nothing gets swept under the rug and unaccounted for. Having set meeting dates for each department/team is a great way to make sure everyone is on the same page and things are getting done accordingly.

Manage And Be Humble

A good leader knows when to ask for help. A successful business has many people invested in the overall productivity and quality of the company. Without everyone looking out for the wellbeing of the entire business, it is unlikely for a small company to succeed. Over-indulgent and overly confident bosses who are more focused on what looks good as opposed to what works well, are not likely to build a successful business.

Make Paths Clear – Do Not Veer

When it comes to the actual operations and procedures of a business, making guidelines clear, concise, and consistent are what will keep an operation from failing. By doing this, operations stay as streamlined as possible. Also, with a new business, there can be a great deal of turn-over with employees in the first few years. By making guidelines consistent and easy to understand, catching new employees up on work that needs to be done is much easier and makes it so important tasks do not fall through the cracks.