Todd Ehren

About Todd Ehren

Todd Ehren is the Executive Vice President of IG Federal Electrical Supply, a New York City based electrical supply company that has been family owned and operated for more than 80 years. The company is engaged in the distribution of wholesale electrical products in the New York metropolitan area, and is consistently included in the Electrical Wholesaling’s annual list of the Top 200 largest distributors of electrical supplies. IG Federal Electrical Supply emphasizes the satisfaction of their customers, and over the past 8 decades has developed strong relationships with various vendors and their community in general that allow them to offer the most efficient and affordable services in the area. In addition, they have a wide variety of products, which allow them to adequately serve any customer in the Tri-State area.

Todd graduated from Hofstra University, where he played on the Division I tennis team and graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting. He married his high school sweetheart, and worked as a public accountant before moving into a role at IG Federal Electrical Supply. The pride in working in a family business was very motivating, as was the sense of connection and identification with the business and its people. It was a place where Todd could develop his skills, be creative, add value, and continue the success and longevity of a family owned and operated business.

Starting off at the bottom and moving up through many different roles at IG Federal Electrical Supply, Todd eventually became the Vice President of Purchasing. In this role, he developed relationships with manufacturers and their representatives, learned how to negotiate prices, delivered high quality customer service, and by these means ultimately generated profit for the company. During this part of his career, Todd Ehren learned that his most valuable skills lay in building profit centers and driving down company purchasing costs. After several years of performing this function for IG Federal Electrical Supply, Todd became Executive Vice President, the position he currently holds. As one of the company’s top executives, he focuses on establishing and maintaining customer relationships, strategic planning, and, most importantly, guiding the company through the 21st century.

Friends, colleagues, and business associates of Todd Ehren know him as an intelligent, honest, hardworking man of his word. He conducts himself in business with three basic principles in mind:

  1. A good relationship is a win/win proposition. Both parties need to feel good about doing business together or it won’t work.
  2. A true commitment inherently makes both parties more important to each other.
  3. His commitment to a relationship is a complete commitment, not half way. Nor is it for today and now, but rather for the foreseeable future.

More About Todd:

Todd’s family has a deep history of entrepreneurship and commitment to community, with his grandfather and father as successful business owners in their own rights, manufacturing electronics, vintage audio, and test equipment. Todd is also a family man himself. Taking their role in their community very seriously, Todd’s entire family is engaged in volunteer activities of various sorts. In his free time, Todd Ehren loves playing tennis, and is consistently ranked in singles tennis, Adult Eastern Division, within the United States Tennis Association. With hard work, training, and sheer determination he ranked in the top 20 in the National 35 Men’s Singles within the same association. 

IG Federal Electrical Supply

Todd Ehren is the Executive Vice President at IG Federal Electrical Supply.


Todd enjoys playing tennis in his free time and has been ranked nationally as an amateur by the US Tennis Association in the 35 and over group


Ehren graduated from Hofstra University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting.